Excellent Review on IV Fluid Resuscitation for the End of the Year 2014

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Again we have picked a review article looking at fluid resuscitation in the ICU. This article by Lira et al. in the Annals of Intensive Care looks at all the new literature available in regards of fluid therapy during resuscitation. Also review current recommendations and recent clinical evidence. This results in an excellent systematic review that leaves us with following conclusions:

– Currently no indications exist for the routine use of colloids over crystalloids

– In regards of current evidence (including the Albios trial), the cost and limited shelf time the use of albumin as a resuscitation fluid is not recommended

– The use of hydroxy-ethyl-starch (HES) during resuscitation should be avoided

– In light of the lack of evidence, and the theoretical potential for adverse effect, the suggestion is to avoid gelatine or dextran

– The use of 0.9% normal saline is associated with the development of hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis and increased risk of AKI in susceptible patients. Therefore balanced crystalloid solutions should be considered/ preferred

– Current literature supports the use of balanced crystalloid solutions (e.g. Hartmann’s solution, Ringer’s lactate) whenever possible

This makes things quite simple actually… but of course opinions differ!
Lira and Pinsky, Annals of Intensive Care Dec 2014, 4:38 OPEN ACCESS

Read here: The Albios trial


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